Work of the Week - Jack

Jack did some great work in Literacy on homophones. He found lots of examples. Well done Jack.


Work of the week Monty

Monty has worked hard this week in Maths and was able to use reasoning skills to solve the maths puzzle.…

Work of the week by Martha

Martha has done some excellent work in Maths this week, adding numbers to make 12 and then even advanced to…

Work of the Week Caden

Caden has been working hard on his phonics work in class and has been making excellent progress.  Well done Caden.


Year 6 SATS

Well done to Year 6 this week. You have worked so hard and we are very proud of your determination,…

Work of the week - Lucas

Well done Lucas for this excellent writing about a Lion. Super use of similes and excellent description through your word…

Work of the Week from Harry

Harry has done some great work this week in maths, using the grid method for multiplication. Well done Harry, super…

Work of the Week - Chantelle

Well done Chantelle for your Work of the Week. You persevered so well with the reading work in Year 6 this…

Work of the Week - Jessica

Well done Jessica for your great maths explanations this week. You have clearly understood the work and been able to…

Work of the Week - Declan

Well done Declan for your Work of the Week. It is a great drawing of the mountains and the features…

Work of the Week - Elouise

This is Work Of The Week from Elouise in Year R. She has worked so hard and is…

Work of the Week - Poppy

This is Work of The Week from Poppy. She wrote her own "cautionary tale" after reading a selection in class.…

Work of the Week - Sam

This is Sam's work of the week. He spent the afternoon drawing carefully the apples and even went home…

Parent survey - summer 2016

Please fill your survey in and return it as soon as possible, but by this Friday 15th at…

Work of the week - Ruby

Work of the week is from Ruby C in the Juniors. She worked hard on her homework and presented it…

Tea Party!

I just had to do my first blog, having been invited, along with Bron, to the Headteacher's Tea Party last…

Work of the week - Charlie

Charlie worked well on his own to complete his own idea for a bird feeder.

He is looking forward to being…

Work of the week - Jacob

Jacob worked well at home to write a story about a chick.

Jacob is really enjoying the work on animals at…

Work of the week - Liam M

Liam recreated his own version of the famous painting featuring the tiger by Henri Rousseau.

Liam completed…

Work of the week - Evie

Evie wrote about the reasons for and against zoos, and wrote her opinions using the voice of a zoo…

Work of the week - Lucas

I am able to label the parts of the body easily.

Well done Lucas - "excellent knowledge - super work, good…

Work of the week - Christian

I wrote about the Ancient God Anubis.

I am proud of my work because I did a…

Cluster cross country

The Juniors had a fabulous morning, taking part in the cluster cross country at EWS. They all did incredibly…

Easter holiday Eggstravaganza!

Please see the poster below for details of the "Egg-cellent and Egg-citing Easter Holiday Egg-stravaganza"!

29th-31st March. All the details are on…

Work of the week - everybody!

This week, in a shock move, Work of the Week was awarded to...

...the whole school!

Well done everyone. What a wonderful…

World book day

What a brilliant effort made by all children, parents and staff. Well done to everyone.

Lovely to…

Work of the week - Alfie

“I did some adding on a number line on my own. Miss Lamb and Mrs Bridewell were very pleased with…

Work of the week - Max

My work of the week

I am very proud of my piece of work. I enjoyed doing my…

Work of the week - Lily

Lily has confidently been halving numbers in the infant class this week.

She has risen to the challenge of this…

Work of the week - Amy TP

Amy did a fantastic piece of work this week - "following instructions".

She created step-by-step instructions for how to draw a…

Work of the week - Josh

By Josh Year 6

I was chosen for Work of the Week. The work was science and it was all about…

Work of the Week - George F.

This week the award goes to George F.

On Thursday he worked exceptionally well in Maths and…

Work of the Week - Olivia

Well done Olivia!

You were asked to write a letter home as if you were an evacuee in WW2.

You worked independently…

Work of the week - Liam and Archie

Work of the week was ICT work by Liam and Archie in the Junior class.

They worked well together using…

Work of the week - Jess

Jess worked really hard independently to write about three different types of toys.

She was able to use her historical knowledge…

Work of the week - Poppy

Well done Poppy!  This week's Work of the Week.

Your literacy work was excellent, with very good use of exciting word choices.


Work of the week - Lucas

The many varied ways of making 10p.

Could be useful next time you go to the shops?  Well done to Lucas…

Work of the week - Oli

Well done Oli!

The honour of getting the very first Work of the week goes to you for…

We have a new website!

It has gone live!

We are very excited to be able to show off our brand new website.  We have focused…